Dr. Hana Shams

Dr. Hana Shams is a holistic wellness consultant. She is a certified Homeopath from the London International College of Homeopathy, a member of Lakeland college of Homeopathy, A Health Coach, An assistant Cellular Health Coach, Chei Nei Tsung Practitioner, Reflexologist, Access Bars Practitioner & a Reiki Master. She has attended several workshops and trainings in several branches of unorthodox and holistic medicine. Tutored with Lakeland College of Homeopathy in its courses held in Cairo Egypt.

Dr. Hana Shams was one of the 5 founders of the Egyptian Scientific Society of Homeopathy. In 2008, she founded the Egypt Vital Sensation Method Group for Homeopaths following Dr. Sankaran’s method.

Hana is here to help Women:

  • Be themselves,
  • Reach their maximum potential,
  • Learn how to eat to wellness,
  • Get rid of bad habits,
  • Acquire new healthy habits,
  • Understand what is keeping them from enjoying life,
  • Release hindering negative emotions,
  • Gain back their intimacy
  • Grow younger & Happier
  • Better their digestive system
  • Move with ease
  • Glow with Wellness

Hana’s medical background led her to add to her knowledge and experience as a homeopath, diplomas in Hormone Health, Gut Health & the Psychology of emotional eating, to be able to help her patients reach this aimed looked after feeling of “WellBeing”.

“I am here for every woman who doesn’t feel like herself, and wants to explore why and is ready to be empowered to gain back her sense of well-being & Joy.”

— Dr. Shams

dr hanna shams